29 January 2013

just a little something

Salted caramel and pistachio macarons  
Hello, hello! This week so far has been super hectic…I don't know why i decided to make a blog at such a busy time in my life? ^_^ Hopefully later this week i'll have some free time. Although life is a bit stressful right now, i do feel very productive and like my life is starting to actually move forward!
Anyway i managed to stop off at a little french bakery in my town this afternoon to pick up some macarons! A little something to brighten this rainy and not so fun day.

23 January 2013

some favorites

Yesterday I started classes, i am taking a few psychology courses and one history class which is called psychohistory, it's a history credit but it's the psychology of history, seems like a really cool class so far! The professor seems really good too, plus he is quite cute. ;) Also the meditation thing is going great, if anyone was wondering. Before i went to bed the other night i followed this article and it was so calming and actually helped me sleep. 
Anyway, above i have some of my recent favorite things! Apartamento magazine, which is Maya's - it's amazing and full of amazing articles and designs. The sweater pictured was a Christmas present from a dear friend. The sweater is from Uniqlo, if anyone isn't familiar with Uniqlo, it's a Japanese casual wear store, with really great and affordable high quality items.  My new favorite snack pictured on the bottom are Thunderbird Energetica bars. I recently discovered these bars at my local health food store and they are without a doubt the best tasting and most unique product I've ever came across, and I've tried A LOT over these past years, so trust me they are good. Not only is the packaging awesome and the flavors are exquisite, but the ingredients are highly nutritious and pure. I've tried all of the flavors, but i think my two favorites are the Cherry Walnut Crunch and the Cocao Hemp WalnutIf you can't find these near you, i highly suggest ordering them, because they are worth it! 

My favorite recipe is socca. A socca is a flat bread made from garbanzo bean flour (or besan at an Indian market). It's fantastic as a base for pretty much anything, a pizza crust, an appetizer, or as a sandwich (as i had above). Ever since i came across this recipe about a year ago, I've been making socca multiple times a week for lunch or dinner. The recipe is unbelievably simple, and today i made a great sandwich. I had some fennel sitting in the fridge so i roasted that with some red onion and bell pepper, wilted some baby spinach and adding that along with fresh avocado, sliced turkey and goat cheese.

Socca (serves 1)

1/3 cup garbanzo bean flour 
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp. ground cumin
1/4 tsp. dried or fresh rosemary
salt and black pepper to taste
 olive oil cooking spray
*preheat oven to 420º and combine all the ingredients and mix very well. Spray a cast iron pan with cooking spray and pour socca batter into the hot pan. let cook for 15-20 minutes! 

Raw cocoa nibs. favorite way to get my daily dose of chocolate

This is seriously the best almond butter on earth. It contains raw sprouted almonds, coconut and lacuma fruit and cardamom. The flavor is so exotic and sweet from the coconut and lacuma, while the texture is "silky-smooth" unlike your normal almond butter. I usually have a spoonful in my oatmeal or spread on a banana for a snack...but it's probably good on anything! :)

20 January 2013

a few new favorite recipes

Hello! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! It's nice to know you all are happy i am back to blogging! :) 
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, maybe too much considering i haven't been able to sleep past 4-5 am, which is really annoying...I think this is due to my mind running crazy with stress about all sorts of things. I've been applying to a bunch of schools to transfer to for the fall, so that's been very stressful, but I'm almost done and when I'm all done i hope my mind can relax and start to feel more at ease.
This week i really want to start meditating before bed and listen to some relaxation tapes that my mom gave me. I need to learn to let my mind relax and trust that life will take care of itself...easier said than done, right? But so many people keep telling me that i need to meditate! Does anyone practice meditation, do you find it helpful or have any advice for me? 
Anyway, this avocado kale pesto i made the other day for lunch was so delicious! I've been obsessed with kale lately as well as nutritional yeast! Nutritional yeast is like my favorite thing, it's seriously so good, i may even like it more than cheese ^_^ and it's full of protein and complex B-vitamins. The recipe for the pesto i came up with is very simple! I had it on sprouted grain sesame bread with a cracked egg, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted tomato and roasted onion.

Avocado kale pesto (1-2 servings) 

1 cup chopped & steamed kale
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/4 small avocado
1/4 cup fresh basil 
1/4 tsp. ground tumeric 
1 tsp crushed garlic
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

  * steam the kale, then pulse all the ingredients in a food processor until well combined, and serve with anything you'd like.                        

Overnight buckwheat breakfast bowl (serves 1) 

1/4 cup buckwheat groats soaked over night in 1/2 cup water
3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp. cinnamon 
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 ripe banana
+ toppings of choice (nuts, nut butter, shredded coconut, chocolate, dried fruit...)  

Oatmeal can become old and as some of you know from my previous blog, i am a self proclaimed "oatmeal addict" though oatmeal is just so versatile and something i actually don't get tired of. However, it's always nice to experiment and switch things up! So, the other morning i made overnight buckwheat from this recipe!
This was my first time trying buckwheat groats, i loved the crunchy texture and nutty flavor of these little groats and they kinda have a "pop" to them...definitely a new favorite grain! Buckwheat groats are naturally gluten free too, and contain a great amount of protein and interestingly enough they are a fruit seed related to rhubarb!? 
I can't wait to make this again later in the week, and perfectly convenient for mornings when i am out the door early for a class.

~ Now, to prepare this recipe the night before i let 1/4 cup raw buckwheat groats soak in 1/2 cup water. Then in a separate bowl i made a chia pudding in 3/4 cup almond milk with 2 tbsp chia seeds, half a ripe banana mixed in, a splash of vanilla extract and a few dashes of cinnamon, i gave that a good stir and put both covered in the fridge until the morning.
In the morning the water will be absorbed from the buckwheat and will be expanded in size and the chia pudding will be thick. Next i rinsed the buckwheat and put that in the oven on 250º spread out on a baking sheet, i let that toast up until the buckwheat was dry and toasty! (about 20 minutes or so)
Once the buckwheat is done combine with the chia pudding!
~ To my bowl I added some dried raw mulberries mixed in, raw almond butter and chopped pistachios-mixed it all up! So many nice textures and ingredients going on in this breakfast. very energizing as well + packed with great nutrients. 

~ Oooh and when i get my food dehydrator that i ordered later on this week, i will be making some of these raw recipes! --- buckwheat cereal and raw granolakale chips, raw crackers, crispies, and dehydrated fruits! ha ha, should be quite the adventure! :) 


18 January 2013

hello there!

The other day while out shopping at Whole foods, Maya (my twin sister) bought this raw cashew milk for me as a surprise, how nice right!? This stuff is about 12 dollars for a 16 oz bottle, so it's quite the splurge, but totally worth it! The flavors of cinnamon and vanilla are sweet yet subtle, and very refreshing...also i just love the packaging! I poured some over my oatmeal for breakfast yesterday with banana and orange zest cooked in and topped with raw cashews and coconut flakes. I also made a chia pudding for a snack by letting 1 tbsp chia seeds soak for a few hours in 1/2 cup of  the nut milk, then i topped it with some crumbled GoRaw gingersnap super cookies, which are my favorite nibbly thing to have on hand :) the chia pudding turned out so creamy and good, i've been loving making chia puddings lately, it's like magic!
Finally while running around getting things done for the upcoming spring semester of classes I drank the rest of this great stuff! This week I'm thinking of making my own cashew milk, which would be fun, we shall see though, i've been unusually busy lately which is both good and bad.
Gotta say, I'm pretty excited that i FINALLY made a blog, I've been contemplating this for a long time now! I'm always coming up with such delicious recipes and trying out new foods that deserve to be shared, so why not make a blog?
Well, I can't wait to see where this blog goes! :)