18 January 2013

hello there!

The other day while out shopping at Whole foods, Maya (my twin sister) bought this raw cashew milk for me as a surprise, how nice right!? This stuff is about 12 dollars for a 16 oz bottle, so it's quite the splurge, but totally worth it! The flavors of cinnamon and vanilla are sweet yet subtle, and very refreshing...also i just love the packaging! I poured some over my oatmeal for breakfast yesterday with banana and orange zest cooked in and topped with raw cashews and coconut flakes. I also made a chia pudding for a snack by letting 1 tbsp chia seeds soak for a few hours in 1/2 cup of  the nut milk, then i topped it with some crumbled GoRaw gingersnap super cookies, which are my favorite nibbly thing to have on hand :) the chia pudding turned out so creamy and good, i've been loving making chia puddings lately, it's like magic!
Finally while running around getting things done for the upcoming spring semester of classes I drank the rest of this great stuff! This week I'm thinking of making my own cashew milk, which would be fun, we shall see though, i've been unusually busy lately which is both good and bad.
Gotta say, I'm pretty excited that i FINALLY made a blog, I've been contemplating this for a long time now! I'm always coming up with such delicious recipes and trying out new foods that deserve to be shared, so why not make a blog?
Well, I can't wait to see where this blog goes! :)


  1. hello eliza :) that milk looks really yum, i think i like the packaging the most actually. you kept the bottle after, right? ;P i've only ever had almond milk for a nut-based milk i guess, and it probably wasn't nearly as fresh (more processed i guess like silk, almond breeze, naturel) and i've always been intrigued by others like cashew. i love cashews but almonds are always a go-to nut so im accustomed to the flavour, and when i try cashews or cashew butter im surprised at how sweet it is! cinnamon and amazing. so i think i'd like this but idk if they sell it here, and wow that's a lot, how big is the bottle? anyway, glad you're started this blog and i'm excited to read more of your foodie adventures and recipes and what not. xoxox jen

  2. hello eliza,
    i'm glad you made a foodie blog too, now you can share all your delicious recipes with someone besides me :)
    that cashew milk is so great, definitely worth the money, quality stuff! can't wait to see where this blog goes from here :)

  3. .. just want to say hello dear eliza & i'm excited for you & this blog. =) that cashew milk sounds so yummy! i've always been a little in awe of your style & aesthetics with food, fashion, art, design, etc. wishing you all the best!

  4. So happy you are blogging again :) As odd as it may sound, I've missed your creative kitchen creations.. they always inspired me to try new and creative combinations!

  5. thank you everyone, you all are so sweet :) i'm happy im blogging again too, i've missed it!

  6. Hi Eliza,
    I'm so happy to read your words again. You have such a beautiful writing style that it is always enjoyable to read your posts. Can't wait to see some of those delicious creations!

  7. Welcome back to blogging!
    Your blog popped up in my incoming traffic at http:/omnomally.com (not sure how) and the name of your site was so gorgeous I just *had* to come and have a look. I look forward to enjoying your future posts :)

    1. Thank you Alison!! :D I just checked out your blog, i love your recipes!