23 April 2013


 Blood orange ricotta pancakes with coconut and ginger (recipe here)

Homemade dried cara cara orange segments 

Hello! Happy Spring! I know, i know it's been quite a while, i kinda forgot about this little blog and life has been busy  ^_^ But i promise i'll try to post more regularly. I really enjoy posting and sharing my recipes and other things.
It's been so beautiful here in NY lately, although one day it will be 70 degrees and perfect out while the next day it will go down to 30 degrees and rain, like today it's so dreary and cold! Well, despite the beautiful weather lately i've been sick with a bad cold for almost a week now, so citrus fruits have been what i''ve been craving, so refreshing! Blood oranges, grapefruits, oranges, lemon water...
 The pancakes pictured above were pretty amazing. This was my first time making ricotta pancakes and i loved how fluffy they were compared to regular pancakes! The addition of the blood orange compote, ginger, coconut and salty/sweet sunflower seed butter all went perfectly!

What are some of your favorite recipes with citrus? 

xo Eliza